Welcome to Swim Masters Atlanta!

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SAMS (Swim Atlanta Masters Swimming) is serving swimmers in the greater Atlanta area. SAMS is registered as a Georgia LMSC (Local Masters Swim Club) sanctioned by USMS (United States Masters Swimming). SAMS members who are also registered with USMS can compete at local, regional and national meets. Register for USMS here. For news and upcoming events… use the calendar to download entries and registrations as they become available.

For more information or to sign up at Roswell, give Simon or Megan a call at 770-992-1778. Contact Simon

For more information or to sign up at Johns Creek, give Chad a call at 770-622-1735. Contact Chad.

2008 Masters Practice Schedule:
5:45 – 7:15 A.M. (all weekdays)
12:00 – 1:00 P.M. (all weekdays)
9:00 – 10:30 A.M.

Roswell Masters
2008 Practice Schedule:
12:00 – 1:00 P.M.
12:00 – 1:00 P.M. or
12:30 – 1:30 P.M.

Johns Creek Masters
2008 Practice Schedule:
Monday through Friday
12:00 – 1:00 P.M.
Sugarloaf Rates (monthly)

The dues are $69.00 per month and you may come to as many or as few workouts as you’d like.
$59.00 per month if Youth enrolled in Age Group Swim Team: see www.swimatlanta.com for Age Group details) Prices subject to change

Roswell Rates

Monthly (MTWTF) – $40.00 (monthly)
Monthly (MTWTF) – $30.00* (monthly)
Annual – $400.00 (yearly)
Annual – $300.00* (yearly)

(*Price for Master swimmer if youth is enrolled in Age Group Swim Team: see www.swimatlanta.com for Age Group details) Prices subject to change

Johns Creek Rates
Monthly (MTWTF) – $40.00 (monthly)
Monthly (MTWTF) – $35.00* (monthly)
Single day – $10.00 (daily)
Annual – $400.00 (yearly)
Annual – $300.00* (yearly)

(*Price for Master swimmer if youth is enrolled in Age Group Swim Team: see www.swimatlanta.com for Age Group details) Prices subject to change

Abilities range from talented beginner to world class. The lanes are designated from slow to fast, so there is room for everyone. Don’t think you’re not good enough… there’s no such thing! In master’s you train with others for your own personal goals. For some it’s fitness. For some it’s competition. For some, it’s just plain fun!

Workouts are as challenging as you like! Come early or stay late for some extra workout time or stroke work.

Participate in open-water events as well as indoor local and regional meets. We are proud to have an ever-growing Triathlete contingent. Develop your aquatic leg here and train with like-minded folk.

Keep posted for upcoming events…

Become Knowledgeable About Personal Finance With These Easy Tips

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Was Mastering Personal Finance One of Your Goals for 2016? Need Some Help Making This a Reality in 2017?

Obtaining your personal finances as a way is the first task for a lot of other goals. It contributes to having more spending profit your budget, better credit along with an overall better standard of living for your family. The rest of this information will present you with some tips on how you can gain control of your finances. Avoid adding positions to losing trades. Don’t allow a couple of losing trades to become the beginning of a lot of losing trades consecutively. It’s better in order to pull out and commence again at another time. Simply a day clear of trading can assist you away from your funk if you decide to trade again.

It is important to know who, where, what, when and exactly how, about each agency that reports on your credit report. Unless you follow-up with each reporter on your own credit file, you might be leaving a mistaken account reference on your own history, that can be easily looked after having a call. When you have fallen behind on your own mortgage payments and also have no hope of becoming current, determine if you be entitled to a short sale before letting your own home go deep into foreclosure. While a shorter sale will still negatively affect your credit rating and stay on your credit track record for seven years, a foreclosure includes a more drastic effect on your credit rating and may also cause an employer to reject your career application.

Using Coupons

Coupons may have been taboo in years past, but considering the variety of people trying to economize along with budgets being tight, why would you pay greater than you must? Scan your neighborhood newspapers and magazines for coupons on restaurants, groceries and entertainment that you will be considering. You have got to be worthwhile your debits before you can repair your credit. You’ll need to pay off whatever you owe first. There are actually simple steps you can take to economize for instance, as opposed to eating out, dine in at home. The best way to save and repair your credit is usually to lower your expenses. Eating out is one of the simplest facts you can reduce.

Whenever your boiler or furnace breaks, check out the average life expectancy of such items prior deciding to have it fixed. Should it be next to the end of their life, you may spend less money just replacing it instead of repairing it as it more then likely will just break down again sometime right after. Plus a replacement will work more effectively. Just about the most significant things a consumer can perform in today’s economy is be financially smart about charge cards. In past times consumers were capable to write off interest on the a credit card on their taxes. For many decades this has no more been the way it is. For this reason, the most significant habit consumers can have is be worthwhile as much with their bank card balance as you can.

One of the better ways for top level bang for your buck would be to reuse items which are not perishable. If you bring your lunch to be effective, use the same container over and over. This will likely reduce the level of brown bags that you must buy, while still keeping the food secured and fresh. One of the most effective ways to generate and allocate your money into spending categories is by using simple office envelopes. On the exterior of each one, label it using a monthly expenditure like:

  • GAS

Pull out enough cash for every category and set it from the corresponding envelope, then seal it until you should pay for the bills or check out the store.

Don’t automatically purchase the biggest containers of the product thinking you will certainly be saving money. While that is frequently the rule often times an assessment of the per unit price of a product can have that it is actually the same between bigger and smaller containers, or even that you simply would actually save by purchasing smaller quantity!

Avoiding Fees Where Possible

Avoid overdrafts with your bank checking account by always rounding to the next dollar if you note the amount of checks in your check register. In this way, your running balance (the total amount printed in your check register) will definitely be slightly under your actual balance. This can help you develop a little safety net within your bank checking account. If you’ve made mistakes in your past, just forgive yourself, move on and avoid making them again in the future.

Possess a yard sale and employ the cash that you simply made to make an investment! This should help you get rid of old junk that you have been keeping! You never know you could have a treasure stored away with your attic thus hitting a windfall and you will really incorporate some money to shell out!

Look at the investments yearly. Your portfolio should match the existing economical situation and it should reflect the market changes. Take benefits of the professional advice your financial advisors provide making the desired changes to be able to gain by far the most. Frequently adjusting your portfolio ensures the perfect profit constantly. Always save your bank card agreement documentation and amendments. These detail the relation to your contracts. You should read them, but even when you don’t, file them away in a marked folder to be able to talk about them later. Having these documents where you can find them will enable you to get rid of any points you may be unclear about in case the need arise.

Tear your paper towels in two! You’ll learn that in many instances you require a fraction in the size to clean in the mess. This can be particularly true when you find yourself making use of them for napkins at the table. Remember, getting the kind that are created to be half-size are usually more expensive. This really is, perhaps, the most basic personal finance tip of all the, but it frequently gets overlooked. If you would like take control of your money plus your banking account, you need to lower your expenses than you get. Spending greater than you generate can be a recipe for financial disaster.

Should you be fortunate enough to get it for an option consider upping your contributions, or starting an IRA or 401k. Many employers can even match however match you put in at 3 or 4 percent, so it’s like free money. Saving more isn’t only a matter of willpower, as you have seen. You have to take the time to review your finances and decide which changes you want to make. Seeing that you’ve check this out article, you have to have a better thought of which changes you should make first, to be able to boost your financial situation.

The Truth About Free Tarot Readings

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A TAROT Card Reading can help you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future and showing you a new perspective on life.

For many, the most poignant are those times when we are confused how to feel safe or what decisions or choices we should make the time may actually help to get some guidance – whether to consult Love TAROT “or better all round Celtic Cross.

If you have a sense you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made easier. consulting the cards may help you connect to your intuition, your best guide when it comes to making the difficult choices and decisions.

Can not always possible to physically take a person skilled in the art of reading cards, or perhaps afford to pay for regular reading, so here at Lotus TAROT we strive to provide a little guidance and easy and convenient access information that we hope will bring you satisfaction as well as knowledge and hope for the future.

Obviously we are responsible for some of our services, but we are committed to always offering absolutely free TAROT readings near you here on this site and we continually add new and interesting, because it spreads rapidly, can not concentrate

Incidentally, we choose to spell T-A-R-O-T, but you can see them tarrot written, taro or tarro elsewhere.

Are you looking for Sexual Astrology for Aries Men ? If so , you are now coming to freelovehoroscope.org, one of the best sites telling you all about Yahoo Astrology. Thus, you had better read the article on Sexual Astrology for Aries Men  from the first to the rest of the article because form this article you ‘ll soon find Sexual Astrology for Aries Men . “Remember” If you find this article useful, please share this article on Sexual Astrology for Aries Men  to your friends so as to make your friends get the same idea about Sexual Astrology for Aries Men .


Overview on Sexual Astrology for Aries Men

The Aries man or woman can be tough to figure out, but we’re going to tell you how to push all the right buttons.
You Will Need

* A love of athletics
* A go-with-the-flow attitude
* A thick skin

Step 1: Challenge them

Instead of asking an Aries out to dinner or a movie for your first date, challenge them to a tennis match, a ski race, or a basketball game. Aries are athletic and love to be physically active.
Step 2: Be creative

Be creative when it comes to gifts. An Aries doesn’t care how much you spend on a present, so long as it’s something original and exciting, like a treasure hunt you’ve set up for them.

TIP: Aries tend to be spendthrifts, so an Aries partner has to take the reins when it comes to finances.

Step 3: Go with the flow

Go with the flow. Aries are impulsive, energetic, and fearless, so they like a partner who can keep up with them, whether they’re jumping out of a plane or getting frisky in a public place.
Step 4: Romance them

Romance them. Though brash and headstrong, Aries are also extremely sentimental. Preserving a memento from a special date and presenting it at a later time will make them melt.
Step 5: Avoid routine

Avoid routine. Aries are easily bored, so take pains to make sure your relationship stays fresh – especially in bed.
Step 6: Develop a thick skin

Develop a thick skin. Aries are extremely opinionated, have a fiery temper, and are not known for their tact. But if you learn not to take their occasional outbursts personally, you’ll be rewarded with a relationship that is rarely boring.

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Refinancing an Atlanta Mortgage in Another Name

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Refinancing a mortgage in another name can be tempting for those with less than stellar credit. Trying to benefit from reduced payments or finding a way to keep one’s home from foreclosure are good enough reasons to consider any options available. The real question is though, “will a lender be agreeable to having someone else’s name on a mortgage when the person does not even own the home?”. In this case, probably not, so the house deed will need to be in the other person’s name, which then opens up another set of problems since the lender is not going to let you give his investment, your collateral, to someone else.

For the same reason that the lender cannot arbitrarily raise your interest rates, you cannot change the ownership, since you both are protected by the conditions of the mortgage contract in effect. Now let us assume you want to add a spouse or partner, or even another family member to the mortgage, that act would require refinancing the mortgage so that a new contract would be in effect. Another name would be added, recognizing that the person added would now have financial responsibilities as well, and whose credit could directly impact the deal.

Another scenario is co-signing the mortgage. Sometimes, newly married children will ask their parents to co-sign mortgages so that their excellent credit history can be used instead. And depending on the lender, this may be perfectly acceptable since the lender is guaranteed payment should they default. In many instances of co-signing, however, the lender may also require collateral from the co-signers.

In the case where one person needs to refinance to get from under their debt load, and another person has a good enough credit score to get better better refinance rates, it certainly sounds wonderful to put the mortgage in the “good” person’s name. But the home owner needs to understand a couple points before making a firm decision.

  • In order to change the mortgage conditions, a refinance must be completed.
  • In order to place another person’s name on the mortgage, the deed will need to be changed to include both names or transferred over to the other person solely. This means you are joint owner, or you own none of your home.
  • There are legal and tax ramifications to changing the deed on a home.
  • Ask whether the benefits outweigh the costs. Remember that costs are not just in dollars, but the emotional and personal cost of giving up your home.
  • Needless to say, despite how attractive it may appear to seek refinancing in another name, it is a decision that must be taken very seriously.

Start Your Retirement Nest Egg With These Top Tips

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A lot of people think they want to retire at some point, but they don’t know how to get started with it. This is why they need some advice to help them along. If you feel this way then you’re going to want to go over this advice to learn more.

If your employer has a retirement plan, then work with it as much as you can. If you ever have the money to spare, then stick it in your retirement plan. An employer’s retirement plan is a great idea because there will be much lower taxes and the employer may match your savings as well.

Start planning for your retirement in your 20s. By sitting down and planning out your retirement early in life, you can make sure that you have saved enough to make retirement enjoyable. Saving 10 percent of your income each month will help ensure you have enough income to live comfortably.

Open an IRA to increase your savings for retirement. This can be beneficial as there are many tax benefits, and is another way to lock in money when retirement comes. This retirement account does not charge you taxes if you were to take money out of it after you turn 60.

Be aware of what you will need during retirement. While many people spend a lifetime saving up for it, few really know what paying for it actually entails. You’ve got to consider healthcare and possible assistance you might need along the way. Expect the best, but be prepared for anything during your golden years.

When it comes to retiring, you really need to be careful. You will be planning for how your life will be lived for quite some time after you are done working. Don’t let this all be left to chance and use what you went over above to help you out.

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The Sweet and Lowdown on Love Psychics

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Are you looking for love? Stupid question I guess, because aren’t we all? It’s one of the deepest and most fundamental of all human desires. If you’re not one of the lucky few who’s already found it, chances are you’re looking hard for your soul mate. Love and romance are a pleasure, and we all desire to be cared for by someone.

Stories about true love are some of the most popular out there. True lovers would do anything for one another. True lovers support each other no matter what. True lovers share a bond that is instantly strong and at the same time totally and utterly right. True love makes people content. Ok, so how do you find it?


A reliable psychic will advise people not to look for true love since this will happen at the right time. Many times it’s right when you least expect it. So no matter how much you want and need true love and even if you think you can’t continue living your life without it, if the time is not right then you won’t find true love. The truth is, a psychic would tell individuals when the time is right for them to discover true love. Psychic professionals are highly proficient at reading your future from your body language, emotional tones, characteristics and other spiritual and psychological signs. Like for example, if you are a good-hearted person who has a good understanding of yourself then you would probably find true love sooner compared to individuals who don’t have these characteristics. You see, there is something known as good karma and having a good heart is an essential quality. Although it could be difficult to see through the surface at first, a psychic would see that you have a good heart and he or she would let you know immediately.

If its the right time for you, the real online psychics will give you advice on what you can do in order to find your love. Some places or activities might provide a good probability to meet her or him, depending on the nature of your psychic state. If you have a lively, fiery state, you may attract love in athletic pursuits, whereas if your state is calmer and quieter, joining a book group could be a better approach. Certain psychics will even advise you on meditations to do, colors to wear or specific gemstones which might enhance your chances of discovering true love.

True love is notoriously unpredictable, and sometimes it seems like it only wants to play games. It could be that a psychic sees your path to true love starting with a specific suggestion. A psychic, for instance, can suggest that you travel where you can meet the person whom you can develop a strong bond with. While spending time being friends with this individual and going to a lot of different places, you can come home jovial with the experience but still waiting for true love.

The thing about true love is that you have to be in the right place for it. In life, various people follow different paths. However, if you love yourself and the forces that fill this world, then it is possible that a true psychic can help you find the true love that you are searching for.

How To Create A Mindful Approach To Life And Relationships

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Many people feel that the direction of their lives is out of their hands. Self help, as opposed to letting someone else help you, can be a wonderful thing. This article will show you the methods of self help that you can employ for successful results.

When it comes to keeping “your world” in order, that should also include your wallet. People place a lot of unnecessary stuff in their wallets that makes finding what you need almost impossible. Try using a smaller wallet to start with. Try keeping it free of garbage you accumulate. Also, go through it regularly to ensure that it remains clean.

Decide whether or not joining a support group is right for you. Joining a support group can be great. Just finding people struggling with the same things you are can be a huge help. On the other hand, if you suffer from something like an eating disorder, a support group probably isn’t the right place for you.

If things get to a place where you cannot handle them, seek help from someone like a therapist. They can help you to cope with your issues by talking them out and coming up with some solutions. It can do you a lot of good to talk to somebody who is not directly involved in your life; it can provide you with a clear perspective.

Exercising regularly is important. Regular exercise not only gets your body healthy and strong but it can also boost your self confidence. People who work out feel a sense of accomplishment afterward and thus tend to be happier afterward. Working out does not mean that you have to work out for hours in the gym. It is as easy as taking a walk.

Ask questions! Whether you are in school or already in the work force, asking questions should be a regular and expected part of our daily lives. Properly formatted and delivered questions clear up the mystery of what is expected of us. They can facilitate our performance and improve our self confidence.

Identify clear goals! Being able to enunciate your goals is one of the first steps to achieving them. Whether your focus is losing weight or learning to sing, you must clearly identify in your mind what they are. By clearly identifying your goals you enhance your chances of achieving them.

If you battle self-consciousness or self-esteem deficits, never overlook the transforming power of an especially sharp outfit. Making an effort to put together a highly polished and “with-it” look can increase one’s confidence the second he or she steps out of the front door. Avoid throwing on just anything before you leave the house; do your self-esteem a great favor and go the extra mile to create a polished look for yourself.

Set realistic goals or you set yourself up for failure. If you are a terribly shy person, do not expect to become a public speaker in thirty days! This will undoubtedly lead to failure which will discourage you from further attempts at personal development. Set reasonable goals you can strive for each and every day to know you are working towards a real finish line in a race that you can actually win!

Be solutions oriented. There are two types of people in the world: those that constantly throw up problems without offering solutions and those that communicate the issues at hand and offer solutions. The latter is who you want to be. Leaders are solutions-oriented. They see the problems just as well as the former, but they don’t stop there. They take the time to develop ways around the issues.

Breaking a complicated or seemingly overwhelming task into smaller pieces can make it much more manageable. Don’t make your goals too broad or vague. Break them down into specific, achievable pieces and work through these in an organized and disciplined fashion. Before long, you’ll look up and realize you’ve climbed that mountain.

Having a plan for your personal development goals can be the difference between success and failure. A plan allows you to take those smaller components of your goal and plot them out, giving you individual successes to celebrate while keeping your eye on the ultimate prize. A plan will also help you get back on track if you happen to fall behind in your goals.

You may experience excess stress when you overreact to difficult situations. Analyze the situation carefully, and deal with the stress. Mistakes are rarely ever fatal. They can be fixed or dealt with. Always look at what you still have instead of what you lost.

Helping oneself is often overlooked as an important factor in one’s growth and development. Taking hold on the reins of your life by employing self help techniques is a great way to positively direct your path. The tips listed in this article will equip you with the knowledge to go about the self help process efficiently and effectively.

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